This New Series has the potential to dramatically change your life.

WARNING the content is counter cultural and goes against everything we live and believe as a culture. The American Mantra is, “I want it and I want it now”. We have no clue how to be patient and honestly we have no desire to wait. We have a sex problem, a financial problem, a disease problem, and relationship problems. What if the majority of these catastrophes could be fixed if we’d just learn to wait? 

So if this is the case in or culture, what are the impacts in people’s daily lives because they don’t know how to wait on God? How do we get to the point as we are striving for faithfulness that we understand the waiting? How do we get to the point where our faith is louder than our fear while we wait? 

Be our guest as we learn together some of life’s most important lesson when we are waiting on God!

Who should be with you while you wait? How do you respond when you are waiting? What do you need to know when you’re waiting? What habits do you develop while you wait?

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